Sharon Sigauke

Sharon Sigauke is a blogger and a 2015 MCZ alumni, who advocates for women’s rights through social media. She draws her passion for championing women’s rights issues from the confidence that within every woman is the inert ability to soar above any limitations. In 2015, Sharon got the opportunity of a lifetime when she attended the Women Bloggers Course offered by Her Zimbabwe as well as the Mobile Community Zimbabwe (MCZ) digital storytelling course. Sharon scooped the Runner-Up Prize for Best Mobile Audio Report under the MCZ project. Throughout her journey with MCZ, Sharon has honed her skills and become a more versatile producer of media content using her mobile phone. Sharon holds a degree in Journalism and Media Studies and she is hoping to further her studies in the area of Human Rights, Social Justice and Gender.


date of birth 28 / 02 / 1988
place Harare
course 1970
type Zwm3

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