MCZ Experiences Jeffrey Muvundusi (Bulawayo)


My Experiences with MCZ – Jeffrey Muvundusi from BULAWAYO

The MCZ project has been a blessing in disguise for me as a journalist. The institution has trained me on the use of state-of-the art gadgets such as smartphones in the execution of my duties as a journalist as opposed to what I was doing before being trained.

By this I mean I used to carry out my small digital camera as well as my recorder when going for events or attending to any incident, which at times exposed me when I was not supposed to be exposed but with the coming of this new phone which has a powerful camera and a recorder my job has been lessened.

Having been a journalist who majored in print media for my entire career which spans over five years, the training on mobile community reporting using the phones did not only expose me to the advancing modern world but ensured that I gain knowledge on how to make videos as well as audio news pieces using the phone whose skill I understand I can apply on any video making requirements.

The training has also availed opportunities for me as I have managed to be hired by some artistes needing their profiles to be put on video.

This is a development that has made me confident on what the phone is capable of doing as it can produce an equally accepted quality job for commercial purposes. In conclusion, MCZ has simply greatly empowered me to be a complete journalist.

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