MCZ trainee experiences – Lovemore Zigara


This week we feature Lovemore Zigara a MCZ participant based in Gweru. This is his testimony.

“My experience with Mobile Community Zimbabwe has been exciting and has opened up opportunities for me which I never thought about. On a personal level, the experience has been nothing being short of fun as I have shot videos for my family, my friends and community.

Surprisingly, the videos (which I have shot for fun) have had so much impact in the community and some have been circulated on social media.

This has also come up with so many opportunities as some people have asked me to shoot videos for their events for a fee and so far I have done this on six occasions. Career wise the MCZ programme has helped to become a complete journalist.

Before the MCZ training, I was just a print and radio journalist and after the training I can safely say I am now adept with all forms of media. With convergence of the media now the in thing, someone who possesses skills in multimedia is more marketable than ever.

With the stories that I have done, I have realised that there are opportunities especially that of producing documentaries on community issues in remote areas where they seldom tell their own stories.”

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