Brick Moulding for a Living


Many people in the peri-urban area of Fernvalley in Mutare have resorted to moulding bricks as a source of income to earn a living.

Three men namely Thomas, Joseph and Marara make between 1500 to 2000 bricks a day whilst they charge their labour according to the number of bricks needed by a customer.

The three men admitted that they do face some challenges from the

Environmental Management Agency Officers (EMA) who do not allow them to cut down trees as they say it contributes to deforestation. The trees are cut with the intention to use them as firewood for baking the bricks. Moulding bricks has since become popular in Mutare as it is cheaper and very affordable unlike buying bricks from Hardware stores. The bricks are made by mixing clay soil, cement and water.

Video by

Mandy Kenyemba

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