Farmers want vending bays along highway


Capacitate us with shelter vending bays to enable our livelihoods; the call came from vendors in Masenyane Lupane some 187km outside Bulawayo. They started operating by the roadside in 1994 in an open space in which they have been constantly affected by bad weather patterns which have impacted negatively on their sales.

Mr. Gama one the vendors there says he feeds his family from selling his wares by the roadside and sends his four children to school with the money he makes there, however the challenges have been largely on sheltering their goods from adverse weather conditions as it most often it has rotted some of their produce.

Establishment of legal vending bays will enable them security for their job and will assist them avert being affected by the once was Clean-up Campaign that left them without wares some years ago an operation that was conducted by the council and the police .This operation was a violent were people’s houses and vending points were demolished or taken away without any reparation.

Efforts in trying to get communication from the council offices were fruitless as there was no-one in the office and we were told to come another day and we need to bring a written letter stating why we wanted to find out the information .

Video by

Prosper Ndlovu

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