Marimba music the African sound


Zimbabweans are known for their creativity and talents, move around the streets of Harare you will find a lot of the talents and gifts that people have. Most of these people are gifted as they did not go to school to learn the skills or art they have. Mr Nzeru developed an interest in marimba as a young boy in the village and from then he learnt how to make them at St Peters but he began to make the boxed marimba which he say are more durable and produce a better sound. Mr Nzeru makes a living out of making and selling marimba instruments, he also teaches school children to play marimba. His gift has opened an opportunity for him to freely market and sell his products at a shop in town at the same time playing his instruments for customers. Most shops would shun such people and fail to recognize or promote such talents and people. But in this case it is different.

Video by

Joseph Munda

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