Passport application a hassle


Passport prospectors from the seven districts of Masvingo province are calling on the government to decentralize the issuing of passport to their districts offices as it serves time and money .They endures days of long queues at the Provincial Registrar Offices in Masvingo town.

‘l am from Chikombedzi and l have travelled over 300km to Masvingo only be told that my documents are not in order , l have to go back and collect a letter from my ward councilor which will cost me a lot of money and time’, said Honest Mlilo after standing in a long queue the whole day .

He continued to say: ‘l think we should have all our documents processed down at our districts to reduce congestion at the provincial office’.

Loice Chinoda who is from Chivi district also added ‘the time that we spent here is long. l came here yesterday and l will have to spend another day which will total to three days. l don’t have any relative in Masvingo town so l am sleeping in the open and it is cold and wet. I think the best is to get all our documents at districts level’.

Video by

Wilson Maphosa

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