Tragic Incidences – the story of freak accidents in Mutare


Freak accidents are a common occurrence in our homes. One of such accidents is phone charger electric shocks.

In this radio program ‘Tragic Incidences’, Sydney Mangweka explores the story of life’s sudden mishaps that befall individuals and family in life’s journey.

In this story we hear a narration from a woman who lost her child through electrification by a mobile phone charger.

She went through persecution and accusations from her family and community that she had intentionally caused the death of her child for rituals. She experienced a broken marriage as a result.

We get to hear how she managed to go the trauma and pain and latter became a successful business woman in second hand clothing retailing business.

Sydney Mangweka is a volunteer at Mutare – Zimbabwe Kumakomo Community Radio initiative.

Audio by

Sydney Mangweka

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