Daphne Jena

I am a journalist by training and a blogger (www.daphnejena.wordpress.com), who is passionate about youth leadership and women empowerment. More so, I am strongly interested in all issues affecting all women. My dream is to use my journalistic skills to help empower youth, motivate and inspire them to take necessary action and use their God given talents to effectively transform their lives. I work for Her Zimbabwe an online women’s platform and I have just started contributing for WAZA Online a
I am an alumnus of a number of leadership fellowships namely, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (F.E.S) Leadership Course, Youth Empowerment Transformation Trust (YETT) Winter School and Sally Womens’ Institute (SWI) Leadership course. My main areas of interest are politics (participation of women in politics), access to information, gender equality and economic transformation.


date of birth 20 / 12 / 1988
place Harare
course 1970
type Zwm3

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