Drought leaves no choice but sell cattle


Capitalists from many butcheries around Matebeleland South and North have found Mangwe District which is in Plumtree as the center of their exploitation as they have decided to buy cattle at extremely low prices with the confidence that the ranchers have no assurance that the cattle will go through the drought
Speaking to some of the community ranchers like Mr. Michael Vundla who expressed great anger at the way in which the people can manipulate a region instead of seeking to help it in its time of need. The desiccation of many portions of grazing lands is the main cause that has drove the middlemen into the land. This has been influenced by deforestation due to the minimal distribution of electricity which in turn has led to desertification to many portions of land.

Mr N. K Nleya who is also a farmer in the region pointed out that these factors of desiccation could not be reduced as they could not control the rainfall that fell in the area. He however pointed out that there are some private premises that are protected that are in the area that the cattle ranchers could make use but they would need to authorized before all their cattle waste away.

The cost of services has increased in many markets and places due to the drought; this in turn has led to many of the ranchers opting to sell their cattle without the appropriate knowledge of the current pricing of a beast to meet the day to day needs. Many Villagers are caught between two difficult choices that need a mediator to allow their livestock in these grazing lands or transport the cattle to other lands for a negotiable price.

However some of the authorities said off Camera that they are boundaries that govern the movement of cattle and they cannot mix the cows due to the danger of diseases that might have a greater ill to the farmers than the drought itself. Solutions to the issues are still in the doldrums and as they prolong the many ranchers are being robbed of their hard earned wealth by capitalistic middlemen.

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