Party members take brooms to clean


The Bulawayo citizens were treated to a clean up campaign at the major Commuter Omnibus rank by members of the three political parties in the Government of National Unity (GNU).

The three political parties in the GNU are MDC-T, MDC and Zanu PF. This clean up campaign was organised by the Joint Monitering and Implementation Committee(JOMIC) in a bid to promote tolerance and violence prevention amongst the members of the rival political parties.

Speaking to one of the organisers Mr Albert Nyathi he said, ‘With speculation of elections coming up soon there is need for all the political parties to be tolerant, and this starts at leadership level trinkling down to the community.’

There were over thirty people who took part in this campaign which seemed to be well organised despite the political differences and violent history that these political parties share.

The organisers promised to continue with more interparty activities so as to promote tolerance and violence prevention.

Video by

Nothando Mpofu

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