NGO aids Mangwe to get safe water


The drought stricken region of Matebeleland South in Mangwe district of Plumtree has received relief through continuous advocacy from Habakkuk trust to bring in key players that have adequate information which has helped them access clean water.

The Habakkuk Trust (HT), a Bulawayo-based Christian organization, received the National Association of Non-Governmental Organisations, or NANGO, Peace Award.

The award was in recognition of the organisation’s sterling work in transforming communities through advocacy on human rights and peaceful initiatives. One such community that has received this help is Mangwe district which has assembled action teams that have been taught relevant courses on revitalizing dead and defunct boreholes. They have been able to resuscitate over 23 boreholes around the region of Mangwe.

From the studies done by the Habakkuk team a single borehole has the capacity of supplying water to a school that has over 250 students and 7 teachers per day.
They have also equipped pump minders like Mr Vundla with more skilled to enable lower charges than those charged by professionals. The skills were given to the minder free of charge. Mrs Ngwenya showed her gratitude to the Habakkuk team which has brought forth unity to the region of Matebeleland South and a sense of custodianship to the villagers of Mangwe.

Habakkuk is working together with other organizations like Christian Aid in facilitating and funding the vast number of projects that are in other areas like Khezi; Tsholotsho; Gwanda and Plumtree.

Video by

Nigel Mabiza

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