Beer garden causing insecurity


The residents of Pumula, an old high density suburb in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, are feeling unsafe because of the activities that have come to be due to a beer garden within the residential area.

An illegal terminus has been created by commuter operators who want to be close to the beer garden. Illegal vendors have also been attracted to this area as it a beehive of activity. Speaking to one of the residents Alexander Mhlophe he said, ‘There is too much noise produced and it makes it difficult for the residents who live around to sleep.’

In a tragic incident that happened in the area three months ago, three innocent children lost their lives in an accident that is believed to have been caused by the consequences of having the beer garden where it is located.

Residents have tried to engage the police to monitor and control activities that are in that area but nothing much has changed as police are believed to be bribed by the illegal commuter operators, illegal vendors and patrons from the beer garden.

The residents continue to call upon the relevant authorities to do something about this beer garden which seems to be the cause of a lot of mishaps.

Video by

Nothando Mpofu

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