Bulawayo: Informal trade keeps on despite extortions


Corrupt police are taking advantage of informal traders who acquire goods illegally. Siphalandawonye Odds and Ends Market has been in existence for over 10 years now and most Nkulumane residents are making a living from trading in the market.

One of the traders called Moris said: ‘Police raid us on some days but that does not stop us from doing our business’.

These traders smuggle in goods because the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority charges exorbitant rates for duty on imported goods.

Corruption is ever increasing because instead of the police enforcing the law to arrest those who bring in goods illegally into the country they demand bribes.

The traders are appealing to the government to review the duty on imported goods so that they import legally and that way police corruption will be reduced and they will also make enough profits to sustain themselves.

Video by

Nothando Mpofu

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