Bulawayo: Traders protest $23 flea market fee


Traders at Bulawayo Central Business Centre flea market feel they are being overcharged by the City Council, which require $23 per day from each of them.

Speaking to one trader Mr Cephas Nkala he said, ‘When we started this weekend trade it was $8 a day which was reasonable but as time went on the Council got greedy and they started overcharging us.’

On average most traders make $30 per day meaning they pocket $7. On some bad rainy days they do not sell anything at all but they are expected to pay the designated amount.

There have been efforts to set up a Committee to negotiate with the Council, but nothing has been done. They also incur extra costs of hiring cleaners as the Council does not provide. The traders also complained about being overcrowded which makes the conditions not attractive for customers to come and buy.

The traders are willing to continue with the fight for a reduction and they are also threatening to boycott if there is no change.

Video by

Nothando Mpofu

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