Masvingo: We love gym, but lack facilities-Boys


A group of young boys from Mucheke suburb of Masvingo, Zimbabwe, are using old tyres as springboards to do acrobatic moves. Their love for gymnastic have made them to be innovative as there are no gyms around the suburb . After a day at school the boys would group up to do their moves with great execution.
“l love gymnastic as a sport but we don’t have any facilities or equipment around to nature our talents so we have decided to use old tyres which act as a springboards”, said a 15 year old Takunda Nhire from Pangolin Mucheke.

Godfrey Mandava also advocated and appeals to well wishers to help them to make their dreams come true of competing professionally. Prosper Dhuva whose moves on the tyre springboard is a marvel to watch said “I have leaned all my acrobatics skills here and at school we do not have a gym class l just wish we had a proper gym and a coach”.

While the local authority used to provide sporting facilities, they have since reduce or provide no funding at all and the past years have seen some of the playing fields being turned into housing stands ,such moves may deprive these sporting enthusiast of a brighter future.

Video by

Wilson Maphosa

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