Nature reclamation project turns sour


Chivi Villagers in Chief Nemauzhe area 75km south of Masvingo Town are crying fowl after an unknown plant that they used to fill and reclaim galleys and river banks has been washed down into the Chendebvu Dam and now grows at almost half of the dam capacity. The project was capacitated by a local Non-Governmental organization about five years ago.
The ward 22 villagers are complaining of pest and diseases attacking their cattle and vegetable gardens .The dam is a life line to over twenty villages and if dry up it will affect many families and their livestock.

‘we appeal for help to remove these poisonous plants that l believe are consuming most of the water in the dam .’ said Mrs Mubango who is a resident of Zimhumwe Village surrounding Chendebvu Dam. Mrs Gora also added and said ‘we believe the pest which comes from these strange plants causes illness to our cattle. We have tried to remove the plants but we did not have proper equipment.’

The lives of these villagers are slowly changing into the negative direction if nothing is done to eradicate their problems.

Video by

Wilson Maphosa

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